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At Alpha Tutoring, we specialise in education in the Oxford area. Our aim is to match each individual to a highly competent tutor that fits the students’ needs and personality.

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What we do

At alpha tutoring, we specialise in education. Our aim is to match each individual to a highly competent tutor that fits the students’ needs and personality. Currently we offer tutoring for Maths, Further Maths, English, Science, Languages, Business studies, History, Geography and Computer Science for various ages and qualifications. Please see the “Our tutors” tab for a list of our tutors and their specialities.

How we work

Informal, friendly approaches

The tutoring sessions are informal, safe spaces where students can feel confident and comfortable to ask any questions. In the first session, or sometimes in preparation for the first session, we may ask students to complete random questions from their chosen subject; this is in no way a test! It simply gives us a starting point as it enables us to acknowledge areas of strengths and weaknesses.    


(Please note, we tend not to do this for primary ages, as we worry that it may be a bit too daunting for some students.) Quite often, within less than an hour we can get a feel for how the student learns, their attitude, motivation and any “brain blocks” as we call them! (Brain block, noun: Where the brain will just not allow a concept to compute). Rest assured, we are experts at solving brain blocks!


Help when you need it most...

Our tutors are all friendly and willing to help. We frequently have parents message us in the week with homework questions they are struggling with, and we’re happy to help with these straight away, free of charge. Quite often the families of our students become lifelong friends. This may be a “business” in the legal sense, but it is very much a personal experience that the students will receive.  


The tutors are hand-picked and have undergone extensive training in addition to their previous qualifications. We ensure that every tutor is reliable, flexible, competent and a “real person” in their ability to discuss concepts and communicate with students effectively. They will give parents a brief overview of the session at the end, and formal reports can also be requested. For more information about our tutors as individuals, please see the “Our tutors” tab.

Alpha Tutoring

Enjoyable Sessions

Quite often our students will literally see a difference in the first session; their confidence is boosted and some of their “brain blocks” have been resolved. They start to enjoy the subject and look forward to our sessions. Don’t just take our word for it though, take a look at some of the testimonials we have received from happy parents!

A final note..

 “I LOVE talking about all this in person! Please feel free to call, message or email any time of day, with any enquiries whatsoever, no strings attached. If I don’t answer straight away it’s probably because I’m tutoring, but please leave a message and I will get back to you as soon as I possibly can.

Thanks for visiting our site, we hope to hear from you soon!”


– Amy Evans, Tutor/Director

What Our Students Have Said…

“I cannot thank you enough, I have absolutely loved our sessions and am overjoyed at my results!” – Jess, Year 11

“Thank you very much Amy, I wouldn’t have gotten in[to my first choice University] without you” – Will, Year 13

“Thank you so much… I got 7’s in Maths and Science!!” – Josh, Year 11, after being predicted 4’s!

“I wouldn’t have even sat the exam without your help, so massive thanks again” – Morgan, Year 13

“Just got my results back, SUPER DUPER CHUFFED! Passed everything, so happy, thank you so much for everything. I wouldn’t have got those results without your help.” – Bo, Year 11

And that’s just a few!