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At Alpha Tutoring, we specialise in education in the Oxfordshire area. Our aim is to match each individual to a highly competent private tutor that fits the students’ needs and personality.

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Alpha Tutoring

What we do

This tutoring service was started with the purpose of developing the confidence and skills of students. The aim of this tutoring service has always been, and will always continue to be, the education of the students, as individuals. We do not standardise our learning like a school; instead, we approach every student separately and tailor the lessons to ensure the style of learning matches their personality and how they learn.

How we work

Our focus is the student

The sessions are very flexible. The tutor will always provide a structured lesson based on the chosen curriculum, and aim to make the lessons flow as naturally as possible. Additionally, if the student has a more pressing concern, then this will be addressed first. So if the student arrives home from school having not understood their lesson (or just one concept) they can rest assured that the tutor is able to explain it without warning.

If you can give us a heads up, it means we may be able to prepare some resources, but if not, we are very good at thinking on our feet!

What do we teach?

We offer tutoring for a wide range of subjects, avaiable for various ages and qualifications.


All ages and qualifications/general skills


All ages and qualifications, including as a new language


and A-Level


KS3 and GCSE

Business Studies



Qualifications and general speaking


Qualifications and general speaking

Computer Science

Our tutors have a lot of experience in lots of subject areas


KS3 and GCSE

& More...

Our tutors have a lot of experience in lots of subject areas

How does it work?

Below you can see an outline of the process to get the best out of your tutoring


Tell us about yourself.

And what you would like to study with Alpha Tutoring.


We pair you with the Perfect tutor

We use what you tell us to pair you with the perfect tutor. 


Book your lesson blocks

Book your timeslots with your tutor for your time period.

Have any questions?

We have put together a list of our most frequently asked questions, which you can see below!

Yes, we are. Either we can come to you, or you can usually come to us. 

All of our tutors are highly experienced and trained in regards to any special educational needs, and we tailor all of our sessions to meet the individuals’ style of learning.

We have a lot of tutors that are very skilled and can offer many subjects. It is absolutely fine to do one of their subjects one week, or most of the time, and one other subject the next week, or even just occasionally. Just try and tell us in advance what you want to cover, so we can be as prepared as possible.

Of course! We are happy to tutor any age and ability.

For students within 5 miles of Didcot, Abingdon or Wallingford, there is no additional travel cost.

Not at all. The cost includes everything, including all resources and printing.

We can indeed offer this. Most of the time we encourage students to have a fixed session at least once a week, but we understand that not everyone has the opportunity for this with their busy schedules!

You are welcome to use as many of our wonderful tutors as you like!

We recommend that you do this. We encourage students to stick to a fixed time and day each week, but can be more flexible if required.

Of course we can! Just tell us the subject or topic, and we will do the rest.

Please still contact us explaining your requirements, we will do all we can to help.

Payment is made via bank transfer. You will be given the bank details once we have you booked in. We encourage people to pay for at least a month in advance, but as long as you have made payment by the end of the session, we don’t really mind.

We do indeed! We offer a lot of intensive revision courses in the school holidays that precede exams, and offer sessions in the other holidays to ensure that students stay on top of their learning!

Got a question?

What we do..

Please feel free to give us a call, or drop us an email for an informal chat about your needs, anytime, any day.

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